The family spent some relaxing and wonderful days in Newport RI last week. Newport RI is famous for a few things: Sailing, Tennis, and Mansions.

So off to the mansions we went!The Breakers

I can honestly say it was the worst $52.00 I ever spent. Fifty two bucks gets you inside access to the opulent, self-serving, indulgent lifestyle of a century ago.

After the self-guided audio tour my stomach felt queezy. I couldn’t believe I spent money on experiencing what the super rich were like 90 years ago.

The real kicker about these mansions was the amount of time the owners spent there. The tour states that most of the families were there for 2-3 months out of the year. And the man of the house was only there 6-8 weekends out of the year. Do the math to find out the men who paid for them spent a total of 14 days a year in them.

Another OneAnd I asked myself halfway through the second tour. What does it profit a man?

I say it was the worst $52.00 I ever spent because the money went to the “Preservation Society.” What are they preserving? A lavishly expensive and foolishly luxurious weekend get-a-way for people I don’t know, the world has forgotten, and whose eternal fate was decided long ago. Are they in heaven? God is the judge of that. That’s not the point of what I’m saying.

My point is after making my monetary contribution to the preservation of last century’s neer do wells, I have a newfound conviction to spend more of myself (money included) on the preservation of those who need it this century.

I have not the desire to share the details of our future actions as a family. But I thank God for a fresh longing to be generous in my generation. To do what Jesus talked about for the least of these in Matthew 25. To give of myself and my time and my treasure to be the SALT of the Earth TODAY.

Was it a bad investment? Maybe. But I intend to make it the best money I ever spent.