So the plane “crash landing” was an amazing event last week. I am in awe of “Sully” the pilot who calmly and effectively saved the lives of 155 people as he landed his plane in the Hudson River. Incredible. Thank God it wasn’t the East River!

But I was reading this article and thought, how appropriate! Turns out more people are actually paying more attention to what the flight attendants have to say before take off.

Two weeks ago I shared how we often ignore that whole part of the flying experience because we’ve heard it all before. How often that can happen with the Word of God in our lives.

Like the seat cushion flotation device and the oxygen masks of the airplane we often neglect – it’s good to know when someone needed them – they worked.

With the crash of our economy and the world-wide fear of terrorism always looming over our heads, it’s good to know that the Truth of God’s Word WILL WORK. Maybe you’re reaching for the seat cushion of God’s provision in a tight job market right now. Here’s the fact: This stuff works. Maybe you’re reaching up for the oxygen mask of faith regarding a friend, family member or child. This stuff works. Maybe you’re searching for the nearest emergency exits to escape the trouble you’re facing. This stuff works.

Put it to the test – God’s Word is solid.
Psalm 119:114 says, You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.