Reading Your Obituary

This blog continues our series on my book “Move! Entering into God’s Promises for You“.

I did a post years ago about my name being shared with far too many people. I thought I was unique, one in a million but all these guys around the world seem to think it’s okay to use MY name. Now, unfortunately, and very sadly for his family, one of them has passed.,114772

Evidently, he lived in Syracuse (too cold), and loved and owned two horses (so cool). Now he’s gone.

How did I find out? I get a google alert when my name comes up in news items. I get this alert because I’m egotistical and want to know when anything of note happens to one of my homonym-ed compatriots.

But it made me think. Some day someone will be reading my obituary. And guess what. They will be reading yours too. Makes you wonder. What are you going to have written about you when it’s all said and done?

In my book “Move” I write about death in the chapter on Caleb in Joshua 14. I’ve always loved that passage and preached about it recently here. Caleb asks Joshua to remember God’s promise to claim a certain portion of land in Hebron and then asks for permission to take it through warfare with the giants who occupy it. The only issues? It’s a mountain, it’s presently occupied by powerful warriors and Caleb is now 85 years old. But NONE of that stops him. Why? Because finish lines are for dead people. I write:

“When we move, we tend to think primarily about the finish line. I’m going to eat healthy food so that I can lose weight. I’m going to wake up early so that I can write this book. I’m going to turn off social media so that I can be present at home. We give goals to every big life change we make as a way to measure our success. The problem is that once we cross that finish line and hit that goal, we stop. We achieve what we set out to achieve, then we’re done. We plateau. Scripture is clear: finish lines are for dead people.”

The point is we must learn to NOT stop moving until we stop breathing. That means you presently aren’t done and if you think you are, look around. There could be a lot more moves ahead for you. Here’s the problem: those future moves may come in the form of serious challenges. They may be giant-occupied mountains that you’re going to have to make war against. Don’t let it stop you. God has precious promises for you in His Word and will be with you.

We have to avoid a “plateau” mentality. A mentality that only sees results as the point of life. Results are great but they are not an end. Every result you are aiming for should rather be empowerment for a turn of the page to the next chapter of your life. For instance, losing weight should help you turn the page to long-term bodily care (seeing as your body is God’s temple). Or in another case, getting a College degree should help you turn the page to a career where the learning really begins (trust me, I know this). Getting married should DEFINATELY cause you to turn the page to “becoming” ONE (see Genesis 2:24) with your spouse through daily dying to your self. If you only live for the result, you’ll get stuck in slow motion thinking achievement is living. No, enjoyment is living, and achievements fuel more of it. What brought you to this moment is going to propel you to the next. Don’t stop.

By the way, I’ve let this first book already propel me to start outlining my next book. I can’t wait to get it out (Patience please).

Embrace movement today. Consider this simple prayer:

“God help me to see the obstacle before me NOT as a dead-end but another chapter of your power at work in me.”

Remember, your life is ultimately not about you anyway. According to scripture, you are already dead to self (Galatians 2:20) and alive to Christ (Romans 6:11) that His glory may be revealed in and through you (1 Corinthians 10:31).

So that takes some of the pressure off, right? You move and then trust God with the means to make it happen and the results to bring Him honor in the world. God rewards faith (Hebrews 11:6) and then shows up when we step up (watch the message, it’s worth it).

I hope today, you’re challenged to move forward before you subconsciously embrace a plateau mentality. Those coming after you are watching. Will your obituary be worth reading?