Yesterday’s message on Voting gave me the chance to see a very positive result from more than a few people. Some came and told me how they never heard a Pastor preach on Politics. I am amazed to hear that.

Some came to tell me they never realized their faith could be a part of what they do in regard to our political system. That too surprises me. But it begs me to answer with a resounding “YES! Faith can and should be a part of everything you do!”

We cannot separate our faith from our humanity, our responsibilities, and our communities. We are part of the “human race”, we are part of the “public sphere” and we CAN let our Faith influence what we do with our citizenship.

I want to remind you all of the last lesson we need to learn before we vote. God’s man will be elected for His purposes. No matter your side of the aisle, you need to understand God’s sovereignty over the affairs of mankind.

Pray for our new President and honor the Lord by obeying the Authorities He has established. Romans 13:1-6 clearly spells out how God wants us to live as Christians in regard to government. Our job is to conduct our affairs peacefully and respectfully. When people don’t agree with us, we can still voice our opinion and beliefs here in the USA, love people no matter their background, and preach a message of repentance and God’s amazing grace.

Go to the Polls with a Prayerful Heart, Support the Next President, debate and oppose policies you believe to be wrong, but in the end – Spread the Message of the Gospel above all things!

I’m so glad to be an American.