41 Baptisms

41 Baptisms

Just a quick recap of what have been the two biggest weeks in our church’s history:

Two Sundays ago we had 41 people baptized. 41. Then at the end of both services we had our first “Red Bucket” project. Thousands of dollars came in and then went right back out to those among us in need. That’s the Church being the Church! Awesome. I’m overwhelmed at what God is doing in the lives of people here at Living Waters.

Last Sunday we lifted the Cross during our live worship and both services exploded in worship. Awesome! Then several people in both services received Christ! Who can ask for anything better. My prayer is that seeing people get saved at our church NEVER gets old.

Oh yeah, and last night we had 6 of those new believers in our first ever New Believers course.

I thought I’d post a highlight video of what has been a benchmark timeframe for our body of Christ in North Attleboro. Check it out and share it with others if you’d like. NOTE, it takes time to load.

Easter 2010 Highlights from Tim Hatch on Vimeo.

I want you to keep praying for the build out of our location. Yes, we are still working that out. Generous money is still being given to the vision . . . slowly. Pray that no matter what happens God’s will be done and His Kingdom moves forward.

More details on where we are with the building are soon to come. Don’t miss a service. What an incredible time to serve Christ in New England.