Wednesday Night Bible Study… Again?

I am so excited about this. We are starting a new outlet of Bible ministry here at Waters Church. In the “old days” we went to church three times a week. (Well, at least I was (forced) wanted to.) After Sunday service we went back to church for Sunday Evening praise and worship. Then we gathered again on Wednesday night for Bible Study. Three times a week, people. THREE! We were “really” Christian back then.

But then life got crazy and the Church realized the power of small group ministry and so “modern” churches like our shelved the Sunday Evening service because we were too tired anyway and the Wednesday night Bible study was attended mostly by those whose kids were grown and had the time during the week to get to the building and have church all over again.

I kind of miss those days.

But not really.

I do however, miss the time we spent in the Scriptures. These were in depth Bible teachings that helped people learn how to read Scripture and hear from God. For old-school Protestants like me, Wednesday night Bible Study was sort of a Catechism in the faith. No we didn’t retain everything we heard but we did develop a more well-rounded association with the Paul, Peter, the book of Acts and the four Gospels. To be honest, I see the need for this ministry again. The Sunday (and in our case Saturday night) worship experience is awesome but where do we go from there?

Answer? Wednesday Night Bible Study on your time.

Through the magic of technology we are bringing back Wednesday night. We are starting a brand new podcast featuring what you would hear on a weeknight Bible Study that you can download right to your phone and take with you and then LISTEN to when YOU are able. Trust me, you will be blessed by the format we are putting together and I want to let you know how you can help make it awesome.

This podcast will start with Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 12noon. It will mainly feature me teaching the Bible verse by verse through a Book of the Bible. BUT (and here’s what we didn’t get on Wednesday Nights) we will be having other voices in the mix responding to and answering questions throughout the recording. This is to help facilitate a dialogue around the Text. NOW where you come in is here: The introduction to the study will be on Facebook Live and run 10-15 minutes. During that time, as I outline the topic for that day’s talk, I want you to ask your questions and post your comments to the Facebook live gathering. Then, when we move from Facebook live to the rest of the podcast (not on Facebook live), I will incorporate your questions/comments into the teaching.

I see this as a HUGE win-win for both of us. The hardest part of preaching/teaching is knowing where your audience is coming from. I do believe the Holy Spirit absolutely helps with that every week. But sometimes we need dialogue and interactions. What questions might you have that I haven’t thought of? How can your comments help shape the teaching so that it speaks to your lives and needs? That is the point of the Facebook live moment.

I’m so excited for this to begin. I know it’s going to be a blessing. I will see you on Facebook Live on Wednesday at 12noon. Then, remember, the rest of the teaching will move to the finished podcast which will be uploaded by end of day every Wednesday. That way, if you’re really old-school and want to hear it on Wednesday Night, having your own little Bible Study time in your living room, it’s all yours.

The real point is: Let’s let the Word of God speak. Let’s do this together. Let’s grow in faith.

Romans 10:17 (ESV) faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.