Reading from George Barna today I learned that faith in Christ among the African American community is growing in America and they are the most solidly Christian sub culture in our Country.


It reminds me of something Jesus said in Matthew 13 about the Kingdom of God being like a Mustard Seed. There is question among scholars as to what plant/seed Jesus was actually talking about. Some believe Jesus was talking about a plant that spreads too fast to prune and grows in areas where you want to walk but eventually can no longer. In other words, once the seed (of the Kingdom) falls to the ground, there’s no stopping it from subversively taking hold of the area which it inhabits.

And Jesus uses this to describe the Church (big C) . . .

and I get really excited about that.

You can’t stop what God starts.

Think about how many dictators, fascists, and enemies of God have unsuccessfully tried to silence the voice of His Followers. You can’t kill them, it only emboldens others. Peter was crucified upside down for his faith and shortly thereafter, so was his wife. You can’t censor them, they just get louder and more resolved – see the underground church in China. You can’t marginalize them, their numbers get larger faster during those times, which might be right where American Christianity is right now, marginalized.

Like I said, I’m excited.

Because you can’t stop what God starts.

For anyone who feels like life is going nowhere, you should consider getting on board with God’s Church. No, don’t just GO to “a” church; become the Church, become a Follower of Christ. Let Him call you, confound you, challenge you, convict you, and commission you to His plan for mankind.

And after He’s done with you . . .

You’ll be finished. In the best possible way (Philip 1:6).