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In the #1 selling devotion book on Amazon, “A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal”, in the section titled, “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman”, Chanequa Walker-Barnes, PhD asks God to, “Please help me to hate white people… My prayer is that you would help me to hate the other white people—you know, the nice ones, The Fox News–loving, Trump-supporting voters who ‘don’t see color’ but who make thinly veiled racist comments about ‘those people.’ The people who are happy to have me over for dinner but alert the neighborhood watch anytime an unrecognized person of color passes their house.”

You cannot find a Biblical precedent for hating any color of person–not even in the Imprecatory Psalms. We are being taught, pastored, and shepherded by the political news media to hate each other. Hatred sells.

Hatred of the Church is on the rise in Canada. Even though Pastor James Coates has been released from prison, GraceLife Church has been forcefully shut down while Islamic Mosques continue to hold services.

Hatred of American founding principles is also on the rise. China is Babylon to America’s Israel. Our government is considering a gun grab and has made statements that “no amendments to the constitution are absolute” (Second Amendment).

Jesus reigns.  He uses the trials and temptations of the Church to cleanse, purify, and sharpen it so that the Word becomes most important:  Jesus gets proclaimed and people get saved!

Time is short. We need to pray God to revive us, God to send the Spirit back into us. We need Jesus again in this Country.

One of the fruits of Sin in Romans 5 is that we are at enmity with God. We don’t want Him to be part of our lives. It says, “I can’t find a church that I agree with so I’m not going to any church”. That is what humans do. Humans hold God to an impossible standard because they want Him to be like them and to make Him into what they want Him to be. When they are confronted with the Truth, they leave.

We need a spiritual Copernican Revolution, we are not the center of the universe, God is. We revolve around God, He does not revolve around us. There is a God who judges the living and the dead and one day we will all be held accountable to His Word and His Authority. If you are not standing on Christ, you are not standing on righteousness.  There is a God who judges the living and the dead and one day we will all be held accountable to His Word and His Authority. If you are not standing on Christ, you are not standing on righteousness.

Judgment is coming!


Key Verse: Matthew 16:18

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


Theme:  We Don’t Build God’s House, He builds His House through Us


Scriptures Studied:  2 Samuel 7; 2 Samuel 8; Genesis 50:20Psalm 52; Psalm 14; Isaiah 64:6; John 1:141 Peter 2:5; Luke 1:68-71; John 14:27; John 5:18; Romans 8:38; 1 John 5:14-15; Philippians 1:2; Romans 12:1-7Matthew 21:23; Ephesians 1:3


Further Study:

  • Imprecatory Psalms: are basically a cry of vengeance against those who are attacking God’s people.  The major imprecatory psalms are Psalms 5, 10, 17, 35, 58, 59, 69, 70, 79, 83, 109, 129, 137, and 140. There is not a single instance of where the psalmist prays for hatred against anyone.
  • Psalm 139:21-23


Points to Note:

Reminder, the story of Saul & David is Our Story:

  • Saul: [Kingdoms of this world] Self-Centered, Demanding, Disobedient to God, Seeks His Own Glory
  • David: [Kingdom of God]  Other-Centered, Giving/Self-Sacrificing, Obedient to God, Seeks the Glory of God


Kingdom of Saul | Self-Absorbed and Insecure | Passing Away

  • Every moment is about himself
  • Everyone is suspect
  • Everyone is a threat
  • Willing to kill for his kingdom
  • Estranged from everyone he loved
  • On the road to self-destruction


Kingdom of David | Self-Less & Dependent on God | Arriving

  • Wounded by the Lord
  • Made useful to those wounded in the world
  • Contrite, Compassionate, and Hungry for God
  • Made ready to serve others



  • The “tent” mentioned in 2 Samuel 7 is the picture of Jesus Christ who will come in a human body


Episode Points:

Government Resistance Is Good:

  1. Purify The Church From Pretenders And Takers.
  2. Proclaim The True Nature Of Christianity
  3. Win Many Skeptics To The Faith


The Gospel In 2 Samuel 7:

  1. Jesus Comes In A Human “Tent”
  2. The Church Will Be His House.


There are some hard truths about American life that affect their attitudes towards the Church:

  1. Americans are pampered by their news- given their choice to hear only what they agree with.
  2. Americans are saturated by their endless choices of video entertainment and streaming.
  3. Americans are coddled by their government who promises to take care of them from the cradle to the grave.



  1. It’s a HOUSE He is BUILDING
  2. It’s a HOUSE for HIS GLORY.
  3. It’s a HOUSE in which WE SERVE.
  4. It’s a HOUSE in which we WORSHIP and PRAY.


Recognize the Following:

  • Hollywood has abandoned the message of redemption in its artistry.  We are being taught and pastored and shepherded by the political news media to hate each other.
  • Progressive propaganda combines fruits of the sexual revolution in the 1960s with the pluralism of mainline Christianity (all roads lead to heaven) 1970s and has produced an unlikely allegiance between Islam and the sexual deviancy with governmental power AND the target is Christians.
  • The Church is Not a Building– People are the Church!
  • The Church holds to the Truth and people hate the Truth.
  • 2 Samuel 7 is the “theological pinnacle” of the book of Samuel.
  • Every prophecy has both an immediate and ultimate fulfillment.
  • TRUTH> When we stop making the Church about what WE WANT and what we THINK WE NEED…God raises up the Church in the POWER HE’s provided to bring HIM glory and JOY to the EARTH.



Questions to Consider:

  1. Are you ready to worship Jesus when it costs you something? When you don’t have the comforts you’re used to?
  2. Do you come to the House for His glory and His purposes or for your own?
  3. How have you been challenged by some Truths in the Church?
  4. Are you attending a church that preaches the Bible?



Further Consideration:

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