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Welcome to Tim Hatch Live, your go-to source for Christian lifestyle and news discussions aimed at empowering believers with boldness and faith. In our latest episode, “Is Mental Illness Real? John MacArthur’s Take, Graduation Woes & Death Sentence for Christianity,” we delve into crucial topics affecting Christians today.

Today we tackle the controversial stance of a prominent pastor regarding mental illness and its impact on our youth, especially amidst the backdrop of college graduations and societal chaos.

But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to feature a compelling interview with Marziyeh Amirizadeh, an Iranian American who immigrated to the US after being sentenced to death by hanging in Iran for the crime of converting to Christianity. She endured months of mental and physical hardships and intense interrogation in Evin prison—one of the most brutal prisons in the world.


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Twenty-four years ago, our nation faced a pivotal moment when we were attacked by Muslims. Since then, there has been a concerning trend of our country bending over backwards to appease and welcome Islamic ideology into our culture. With each passing day, we witness a gradual infiltration of Islamic influences into various spheres of society– including our college campuses, raising concerns about the potential dominance of Islam in key positions of power.

As we navigate these complex dynamics, it’s crucial to hear firsthand accounts from individuals like Marziyeh Amirizadeh, who has experienced the realities of living under an Islamic state. Marziyeh, an author, speaker, and activist for religious freedom, shares her gripping story in her books, “Captive in Iran” and “A Love Journey with God.” Through her experiences, she offers profound insights into the challenges faced by Christians in Islamic countries and the transformative power of faith in adversity.

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▶ Start [0:00]
▶ How to end emptiness [1:38]
▶ Pastor explains why graduation at Liberty University was boring [2:30]
▶ The Intersection of Christianity and Politics [4:07]
▶ Pastor discusses: Is mental illness real? [5:10]
▶ Understanding the Impact of Sin on Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health [9:00]
▶ Why should you not label yourself with a disorder [13:13]
▶ Princeton College Students’ Rotation Fast [16:14]
▶ Colleges cancel and move graduation ceremonies [18:11]
▶ Symbolic Acts: Graduates Tear Up Diplomas [19:14]
▶ Greta Thunberg’s Presence at a Palestinian Protest [19:25]
▶ Analyzing a Parody Song: Pastor’s Reaction to Antifada in the USA [20:25]
▶ Understanding Jeremiah’s Days: Fools fail to know what Islam is all about [22:05]
▶ From a Death Sentence in Iran for Converting to Christianity to Freedom: Inspiring Interview with Marziyeh Amirizadeh [23:05]
▶ Reflections on the Events of 2021: Compilation of Deceptions [1:05:34]
▶ Addressing the Controversy: Why Pastors Must Discuss the VAX [1:09:37]
▶ Essential Christian Tests: What Every Believer Must Know [1:10:20]
▶ Pro-life activist Lauren Handy sentenced to 4 years in prison for protesting in front of Abortion Clinic [1:10:52]
▶ The Challenges of True Christianity [1:11:42]
▶ How can church membership decline but baptisms and attendance go up? [1:12:21]


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Find out more about Marziyeh Amirizadeh and her powerful story in her books “A Love Journey with God” and ‘Captive in Iran” on her website: marzisjourney.com.


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