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Welcome to another episode of “The Deep End” on Tim Hatch Live, your go-to Christian lifestyle and news podcast for bold Christian living! In tonight’s episode, we dive deep into Kansas City Chiefs’ star kicker Harrison Butker’s recent commencement speech and the uproar it caused.

🔍 Episode Highlights:

🔹Harrison Butker’s Remarks: We analyze the controversial statements made by Harrison Butker regarding women finding true joy and fulfillment as homemakers. Are his comments supported by data? We explore the evidence and discuss the broader implications.
🔹Mental Health Defense: Discover what might be the best defense against mental problems that has been overlooked. You’ll have to stay tuned until the end of the show to find out what it is!

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🎬 Episode Timeline:
[0:00] Start
[1:15] Discovering Ancient Wisdom: Unveil timeless wisdom that leads to endless abundance in your life
[3:18] Explore the controversy and the Change.org petition to cancel Harrison Butker
[3:38] Pastor Examines Butker’s Speech: A deep analysis of Butker’s speech to the women of Benedictine College
[6:00] Butker Calls Out President Biden
[8:00] Butker Speaks His Mind: Delve into Butker’s unfiltered opinions
[8:22] Understand the NFL’s reaction to Butker’s controversial remarks
[9:05] Discover why Butker’s jerseys are flying off the shelves
[9:35] Benedictine Sisters Condemn Butker
[10:27] Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam Condemns Butker
[11:06] Kelly Stafford, wife of Matt Stafford, reacts to Butker’s statements
[11:43] A former Kansas City cheerleader’s fiery response to Butker
[14:03] Busy Philipps speaks about her abortion and its impact on her success
[15:38] Patricia Heaton Analyzes Butker: Actress Patricia Heaton’s thoughtful analysis of Butker’s speech
[17:05] Pastor Tim Agrees with Whoopi Goldberg?
[18:27] Strange Christian Beliefs
[20:30] Is Butker Wrong? Homemaker Studies: Examine studies about women homemakers and their relevance today.
[20:48] Do Women Want to Stay Home?: What do modern women think about staying home with their children?
[24:17] Biblical Views on Women and Children
[25:39] Congressional Eyelash Battle: Marjorie Taylor Greene, AOC, and Crockett’s debate over false eyelashes
[31:13] The ultimate defense against the industrial targeting of children revealed
[31:50] Ultra-Processed Foods and Brain Health: Discover the new science on what ultra-processed foods do to your brain
[34:28] Diet and Mental Health: Understanding the Ultra Processed Food Use Disorder and its impact on mental health
[37:15] Mental Health Disorders Study: A study reveals that white liberals are twice as likely to experience mental health disorders
[37:53] US vs UK Food Ingredients: Why are food ingredients different in the US and the UK?
[39:38] Family Health Keepers: Who plays the most significant role in keeping the family healthy?
[40:44] Poll on Dating Strategies: Join the discussion – Yay or Nay on current dating strategies?
[43:00] Importance of Family and Community: Why family and community are essential for a fulfilling life



⬇️⬇️⬇️ News ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Feminists’ Nightmare: Harrison Butker NFL Women’s Jerseys Sell Out

Harrison Butker’s jersey sales surpass Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes

Demand the Kansas City Chiefs to Dismiss Harrison Butker for Discriminatory Remarks

Benedictine College nuns denounce Harrison Butker’s speech at their school

Children a Key Factor in Women’s Desire to Work Outside the Home

Moms First and The Adecco Group US Foundation Release New Survey Data on Moms in the Workplace; Launch New Year’s Resolution Campaign to “Make Your Workplace Work Out for Moms

State of Motherhood 2023 Survey Report

Is Being Childless Detrimental to a Woman’s Health and Well-Being Across Her Life Course?

Jasmine Crockett claims MTG was ‘racist’ when calling out her ‘fake eyelashes’ in Congress

Pew Study: White Liberals Disproportionately Suffer From Mental Illness.

The New Science on What Ultra-Processed Food Does to Your Brain




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