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What is our FIRST reaction when threatened in life?

Christians, YOU are called to be different from the world, not to compromise with the world.

You can be…
• Spiritual…
• Have faith…
• Go to church…
• Be a good person…
• Embraced by your neighbors…
… AND STILL have no right relationship with God.

BUT there is always hope even in the darkest of seasons: God’s Grace is ALWAYS available!

Today we dive into the deterioration of the Northern Kingdom of Israel caused by compromising and imitating the ungodly nations around them.


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Start [0:00]
▶ The demise of the Northern Kingdom of Israel [1:00]
▶ What does to be called to be different or set apart mean? [2:00]
▶ How is God impartial? [3:00]
▶ Through the Text of 2 Kings 16-17 [4:00]
▶ Author’s Commentary on 2 Kings 16-17 [32:45]
▶ What is the best way the devil begins to win in your life? [33:22]
▶ How to get rid of anxiety? [34:22]
▶ There is always hope in the darkest of seasons [53:00]
▶ No matter how far you’ve gone, you can always come home to God [56:00]
▶ What are the steps that lead to Spiritual Compromise? [57:20]

Scriptures Studied:  2 Kings 16; 2 Kings 17; Isaiah 7:10-14; Isaiah 9:6; Deuteronomy 28:25; Deuteronomy 28:52; 2 Chronicles 30:1–8; 2 Chronicles 30:9–14; 2 Kings 15:35; James 4:4; Philippians 3:17–21; 3 John 11; Romans 3:28; James 2:14–17;  Psalm 118:8–9; 2 Chronicles 30:6, 9;   


Kings 1 & 2 Facts:

  • Author: Unkown
  • Genre: Narrative History (400 years).


Theological History of Kings 1 & 2:

  • Begins with David’s end (970 bc), Solomon’s building and ends with national devastation – exile to Babylon (561 bc).
  • Good and Evil kings.
  • Each king has an epitaph… did they follow the Lord or not?
  • True and False Prophets abound.
  • God rules all nations, not just Israel.
  • The Main Theme: There is ONE God in Israel.



Points to Note:

  • Never Forget:You are different
  • Compromise comes with a cost
  • Spiritual RENEWAL: IS ALWAYS on the TABLE


Spiritual Compromise:

  • Forgetting WHO made you.
  • Thinking you belong here. (In this world)
  • Trying to be LIKE here. (Imitating this world)
  • Depending on here. (On this world)


Pastoral Thoughts:

  1. In spite of our waywardness, God’s promises are sure.
  2. A nation removed from God’s voice is a nation removed from prosperity.


Questions to Consider:

  1. What is your FIRST reaction when threatened in life?
  2. Are you putting God first in your life?
  3. Are you living in a state of comfortable Christianity?
  4. Are you ready for action and prepared for Jesus’ near return?
  5. Are you activated in the midst of these wicked times to prepare the way of the Lord?



Read the Word of God daily, seek Him, and fast and pray for revival.



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