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🔍 How does this obscure chapter in Exodus teach us lessons essential to a growing life of faith? Welcome to the Deep Dive on Tim Hatch Live!

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📖 In this episode:
– Discover the profound lessons in Exodus 34 that we often overlook.
– Learn how to cultivate a life with God, not just on our terms, but His.
– Understand the heart of God and His desire to be with His people.

🙏 We pray that today’s content blesses your life and strengthens your walk with God. Remember, God wants to do life with you! 🌟

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Key Topics Covered:
– Walking with God: What does it look like and how to cultivate it?
– The significance of Exodus 34 in our spiritual journey.
– Addressing common misconceptions about our relationship with God.

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Season 7, Deep Dive Bible Study
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