S5•E06 | Romans 3 | Know the Disease to Appreciate the Cure

About This Project

Division is everywhere and isolation is increasing– we need the Gospel! It makes us generous with God’s grace and frees our hearts to serve others.💯

Mankind is totally depraved. There is not any part of us that isn’t affected in some way by the sinful nature. Sin has a power over us and is something that corrupts everyone. Our problems are not social problems, they are cosmic problems. Our sin separates us from God and the search for God. We need far more than behavioral modification– we need deliverance from bondage!

Why does it matter? You won’t take the cure until you realize you have the disease.


Episode Segments:

▶ What it meant [5:42]

▶ Why it matters: [55:04]



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Deep Dive Bible Study, Season 5
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