S5•E05 | Romans 2 | Deconstructing Religious Superiority

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Romans 2 is a culturally invasive message that deconstructs all of us and lays us bare before the Father as sinners who are in need His Grace. Oftentimes there’s a disconnect between religious people and the results of their “religion”.

God wants to implant something into your heart that transforms you into a new person from the inside. We tend to pray about the outside yet, God looks at and is concerned with the inside.

But, as long as we have this little set of rules for our group that says, “this is what makes us good people and shame on all those other people who don’t _______”, we will always avoid the internal change that God offers.

The good news is the Gospel is for every person on the planet. It’s not just the “Christian Message”– it’s God’s message to the world!


Theme: We judge by what is seen, God will judge by what is unseen.


Episode Segments:

▶ What it meant [9:38]

▶ What it means: [40:38]

▶ Why it matters: [46:48]


Scriptures Studied: Romans 2; Isaiah 1:13–14 ; Malachi 1:10; Matthew 23:27–28; Matthew 3:9 ; Nehemiah 9:30–31; Zechariah 7:4-6; Isaiah 58:3-5


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Deep Dive Bible Study, Season 5
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