S5•E09 | Romans 4 | Good Christians Don’t Go to Heaven

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Faith– If we are honest, is a bumpy road.

Do you ever doubt your salvation?

If you’re going through something right now and are wondering, “Is God ever going to do what He said He would do in my life?”, “Is what I’m going through ever going to change?”, “Is this situation ever going to get fixed?”– then this is the Bible study on Romans 4 for you!

We grow stronger through times of testing. A faith that believes is a faith that lives it out in spite of our failures!

You grow in faith as you consider what God can do is greater than you can’t do.
• Is God faithful in spite of my faults and failures? Yes.
• Is God patiently working through everything to save me? Yes.
• Is this hard moment a test of my faith? Yes.
• Will there be challenges ahead? Yes.
• What must I do right now? Believe and trust Jesus.


Romans 4:20 (NLT) Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God.


Episode Segments:
▶ Justification by Faith [1:40]
▶ What it meant [6:18]
▶ What it means [38:52]
▶ Why it matters: [47:28]

Episode Points:

Douglas Moo:

  • faith “apart from works” in verses 3–8
  • faith “apart from circumcision” in verses 9–12
  • faith “apart from the law” in verses 13–16,
  • faith “apart from sight” in verses 17–21.


Romans 4 – OUTLINES

Warren Wiersbe:

  • justified by faith, not works (vv. 1–8)
  • justified by grace, not Law (vv. 9–17)
  • justified by God’s power, not human effort (vv. 18–25).


What it Meant:

Who Was Abraham?

  • The father of faith.
  • 3 main religious faiths in the world claim him as father.
  • Meets God at 75.
  • Received a Promise. Gen 12:1-3
  • Leaves his family, homeland – “Ur of the Chaldees”.
  • No son.
  • Waits 25 years for one son.
  • Fails repeatedly as he goes.
  • LIVED 450 years before the Law was given.
  • Was a friend of God – BEFORE the LAW was given.



What it Means:

  • God waited for Abraham to be utterly impotent.
  • What we are taught through the example of Abraham is that in spite of all of our failures, God is faithful.


Why It Matters:

  • You grow in faith as you consider what God can do is greater than you can’t do.
  • What is my Isaac? My future. Whatever I’m counting on to make me secure and significant: the marriage I waited for, the child I prayed for, the job I longed For or the lifestyle I aimed for. But if it becomes my God, I’ve misplaced it in my heart


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Deep Dive Bible Study, Season 5
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