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There’s a bit more crazy coming out of Washington, DC.

We saw it with the State of the Union address—another president making another speech about all the promises he is going to fulfill for us.

In reality, no matter what side of the political aisle you are on, you know we are headed for disappointment because there is NO True King outside of King Jesus.

You might be asking how studying this account in first Kings about the unrighteous, wicked, evil kings apply to our lives?

The answer is, it has everything to do with us because every now and then, in the Southern Kingdom of Israel, a righteous king arrives on the scene and changes the game!

We are going to look at how that happens, why that happens, and how we can make it happen in our own lives.


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Start [0:00]
▶ Do Americans have a king? [1:50]
▶ Chart of faith differences between the Northern Israel Kings and Southern Kings of Judah [3:00]
▶ What does the Northern Kingdom of Israel represent? [6:30]
▶ List of spiritual awakenings in the Kingdoms [8:37]
▶ Righteousness pays great dividends [10:58]
▶ How is King Asa like King David? [13:56]
▶ Through the Text [14:12]
▶ What does true repentance look like? [19:20]
▶ Kings of the North Nadab to Ahab [42:25]
▶ Tap into the Truth [49:33]
▶ Is your king like David? [50:20]
▶ What happens when our righteous King is Jesus? [53:18]
▶ Bible passages of hope [54:00]


Scriptures Studied:  1 Kings 15; 1 Kings 16; 2 Chronicles 16:7–9; Ephesians 5:25–26; 1 Thessalonians 5:23–24; Hebrews 2:10–11


Kings 1 & 2 Facts:

  • Author: Unkown
  • Genre: Narrative History (400 years).


Theological History of Kings 1 & 2:

  • Begins with David’s end (970 bc), Solomon’s building and ends with national devastation – exile to Babylon (561 bc).
  • Good and Evil kings.
  • Each king has an epitaph… did they follow the Lord or not?
  • True and False Prophets abound.
  • God rules all nations, not just Israel.
  • The Main Theme: There is ONE God in Israel.



  • Terrible national leaders are nothing new.


Our Righteous King, Jesus:

  1. Obeys God completely.
  2. Tears down our idols totally.
  3. Forgives our transgressions mercifully.
  4. Brings us to God sufficiently.
  5. Establishes our steps continually.


When Jesus is King:

  1. We may see challenges in our closest relationships.
  2. We will desire freedom from our sinfulness.
  3. We will give extravagantly to his purposes.
  4. We will live in the peace of God.


Pastoral Thought:

  • Everyone has a king.
  • The Northern Kingdom is a picture of compromising cultural Christians.
  • The Southern Kingdom is a picture of the struggle of who leads us.
  • You have to be vigilant to protect your kids.
  • The world is going to offer you far more contaminating influences than Godly influences.
  • Righteousness pays great dividends. 
  • Your righteousness depends on nothing but God’s righteousness.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Is your kink like David?
  2. Is who you are following leading you to God or away from God?
  3. Have you ever had an Asa moment where God, in His grace, saved you from yourself?






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