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Revival: God IS in it and aligning what is taking place at Asbury University and what is going on across the US with what is happening in 1 Kings 18 on Mount Carmel! 💯

If you need a move of God today in your life, your church, or your Nation, you can get one. Where God moved powerfully in the past, He can also move powerfully in our present.

There is a showdown going on at Mount Carmel between ONE prophet of God, Elijah, and 450 prophets of Baal. God sends down holy fire 🔥 and a great national revival takes place for Israel.

We are going to study it and discuss the signs that you need a revival and the seeds necessary to plant one.


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Start [0:00]
▶ How can you get a move of God in your life? [1:30]
▶ What was the most dramatic revival in Israel’s history? [4:28]
▶ Why do we need more Elijahs? [11:03]
▶ How should Christians react to a pagan culture? [12:03]
▶ What is a sleepy Christian? [14:45]
▶ What is a carnal cultural Christian? [18:26]
▶ Do you feel like you are all alone? [24:09]
▶ The fire of heaven and the showdown on Mount Carmel [25:43]
▶ What can the prayer of a righteous man do? [38:10]
▶ A pattern for how revival falls amongst God’s people [42:23]
▶ What are the 6 signs that we need revival? [43:43]
▶ What can we do to plant the seeds for revival? [47:19]
▶ A prayer for revival [52:58]


Scriptures Studied:  1 Kings 18; James 5:13-18; Hosea 6:1-3; Acts 3:19-21; James 5:17-18; Revelation 2:4-5; Matthew 3:11



Kings 1 & 2 Facts:

  • Author: Unkown
  • Genre: Narrative History (400 years).


Theological History of Kings 1 & 2:

  • Begins with David’s end (970 bc), Solomon’s building and ends with national devastation – exile to Babylon (561 bc).
  • Good and Evil kings.
  • Each king has an epitaph… did they follow the Lord or not?
  • True and False Prophets abound.
  • God rules all nations, not just Israel.
  • The Main Theme: There is ONE God in Israel.



The biggest fool is not the man who says, “There is no God.” The biggest fool is the man who says, “There is a God”, and then doesn’t serve Him. ~Adrian Rogers


  • There is always an Obadiah, a servant of the Lord at work around godless leaders to help sustain God’s people.
  • Ahab and our national leaders today may be on the “throne” but God’s Word is in charge.
  • Obadiah is a picture of “sleepy” Christians who need to get strong and stand up!
  • Ahab is a picture of “carnal cultural” Christians who need to wake up!


The Need for Revival:

  1. A national spiritual decline
  2. Believers in “name only” in powerful positions
  3. Silenced/Hiding saints in high places
  4. Fence-straddling Churchgoers
  5. Overwhelmingly out-numbered followers of the Lord
  6. A culture of self-inflicted wounds (spiritual & physical)


The Seeds for Revival:

  • Prayer: James 5:17-18
  • Repentance: Revelation 2:4-5
  • Purifying Fire: Matthew 3:11


Pastoral Thought:

  • We need strong men who will lead and feed their families.
  • Every other “god” demands your blood, only the ONE TRUE GOD shed HIS BLOOD for you.
  • When sin abounds in the culture, those who speak Truth will be considered a problem.
  • Revival is necessary when it’s the darkest in the land.  It’s a sign for us to get on our knees and seek God.
  • The Church needs to be refreshed once again.  It will happen when we pray, repent, and get purified by the Holy Spirit.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Are you wearing yourself out for something or someone other than God?
  2. Is what you are pursuing right now draining you or filling you?
  3. What are you leaning on other than Jesus Christ?
  4. Ask yourself, “Do I have a hunger for God?”
  5. What “junk” in your life do you need to get rid of?



Read the Word of God daily, seek Him, and pray for revival.






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