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Welcome to the Deep Dive Bible Study! Join us for a profound exploration of the Priestly Anointing in our latest Bible study session: “The Priestly Anointing: Induction into Leadership in Christ”.

In this episode, we’re diving deep into Torah, exploring the anointing of the priests of Israel. This ancient ritual holds profound spiritual significance, pointing us to Christ, our great high priest, and to the priesthood of believers.

As we unpack Exodus 19 and Leviticus 8-9, we uncover layers of symbolism that resonate with our lives today. Just as the priests were anointed and consecrated for service, we too are called to embrace our role as leaders in Christ. Whether you see yourself as a leader or not, you are empowered to lead others to Christ and to embody His love in every aspect of your life.

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Thank you for joining us on this deep dive into the Word. Together, let’s discover the richness of God’s truth and live out our calling as priests of the Most High!

▶ Introduction to Exodus 29 and Leviticus 8: The Priestly Anointing [00:00]
▶ The Priestly Anointing: Induction into Leadership in Christ [07:34]
▶ The Sacred Ingredients of Priestly Anointing [13:32]
▶ The Sacred Ritual of Priestly Consecration [20:16]
▶ The Symbolism of Priestly Anointing [26:27]
▶ The Significance of Priestly Consecration [32:43]
▶ The Power and Practice of Abiding in Christ [38:51]
▶ Serving God Above Pleasing Man: The Heart of Anointing [44:56]


Questions to Consider:

  1. What parallels did you find between the Old Testament anointing rituals and the empowerment of believers today through the Holy Spirit?
  2. In what ways do the sacred ingredients of anointing oil symbolize essential qualities for spiritual empowerment in believers? How can we cultivate these qualities in our own lives?
  3. Reflecting on the symbolism of anointing the priests’ bodies, how can we apply the consecration of the ear, hand, and foot to our own service in God’s kingdom?
  4. What insights did you gain from exploring the consecration process outlined in Leviticus 8 and its parallels to the believer’s calling and empowerment in Christ?


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Season 7, Deep Dive Bible Study
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