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Every day we are seeing our Country decay spiritually more and more.

How do we live faithfully in a time of spiritual confusion?

What does it really mean to be “spiritual but not religious”?

And, should we ever say or listen to someone who says, “God told me to tell you…”?


We are going to find those answers and more as we study what is perhaps the strangest chapter in the entire Bible: 1 Kings 13.


Take heart, this is not the first time this has happened.


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Start [0:00]
▶ What is the strangest chapter in the Bible? [1:08]
▶ Should you believe it when someone says “The Lord told me to tell you?” [3:25]
▶ Review of where Jereboam has led the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel [6:45]
▶ Being Spiritual but Not Religious explained [9:22]
▶ Why is the structure of the Church important? [12:00]
▶ What is “Have it your way” “Burger King Faith”? [15:00]
▶ What is the difference between being Spiritual and being Religious? [12:47]
▶ What is the Creed of the Spiritual but Not Religious? [15:37]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 1-3 explained [17:00]
▶ How to understand Biblical Prophesy in the Bible [19:22]
▶ Should people get angry when they hear the Gospel Truth? [23:07]
▶ Is it ok to speak on an issue I don’t have personal experience with? [23:07]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 6-10 explained [24:50]
▶ Revealed the false search for God inside everyone [24:53]
▶ What is the one group of people Christians are warned about? [28:00]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 11-19 explained [31:26]
▶ The danger of self-appointed gurus [32:58]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 20-30 explained [34:20]
▶ Can God speak through false prophets? [34:33]
▶ If you have been led by a failed spiritual leader does that mean that everything was untrue? [37:42]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 31-32 predictions explained [39:30]
▶ Seeing Jesus and the Gospel in 1 Kings [40:00]
▶ 1 Kings 13 : 33-34 explained [43:40]
▶ Can witnessing miracles produce a saving faith? [44:51]
▶ The danger of being Spiritual Not Religious [46:00]
▶ The Word of God is the final Authority over all other authority [47:27]
▶ God’s judgment on people who speak contrary to the Gospel and God’s Truth [51:55]
▶ Christian answers to the spirit of our age [54:40]



Scriptures Studied:  1 Kings 12:28-33; 1 Kings 13; 1 Corinthians 5:9-11; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; Jude 1:8-13; 2 Kings 23:17-18; Galatians 1:8; Hebrews 4:12-13


Kings 1 & 2 Facts:

  • Author: Unkown
  • Genre: Narrative History (400 years).


Theological History of Kings 1 & 2:

  • Begins with David’s end (970 bc), Solomon’s building and ends with national devastation – exile to Babylon (561 bc).
  • Good and Evil kings.
  • Each king has an epitaph… did they follow the Lord or not?
  • True and False Prophets abound.
  • God rules all nations, not just Israel.
  • The Main Theme: There is ONE God in Israel.



1 Kings 12 Chapter Outline:

  • I. 1–15: Rehoboam’s stupid leadership move
  • II. 16-24: The Nation almost goes to war
  • III.25-33: Jeroboam’s FALSE kingdom.


“Spiritual Not Religious” Creed:

  • Religion = doctrines, dogmas, and ritual practices.
  • Spirituality = the heart, feeling, and experience.


The Danger of being “Spiritual” not Religious.

  • Anyone can claim to “speak for God” and most people actually do so.
  • What “Spirit” are YOU FOLLOWING?


Word of the Lord over All

  • The word of the Lord strikes Jeroboam and his false religious system.
  • The Word of the Lord causes the true prophet from Judah to be killed when he disobeyed it.
  • The Word of the Lord even comes through a false prophet to rebuke the failure of the true prophet.


Christianity on my own terms:

  • It’s not “novel” or “new”.
  • It serves only our personal ambitions.
  • It is rooted in our fear/honor of people rather than God.
  • It does not save.
  • It leads to death.


What is our answer?

  • Confess your culpability in Christ’s death.
  • Identify with God’s chosen One (Jesus Christ/true prophet).
  • Be buried WITH Him that you may rise with Him.
  • He DOES save from DEATH.



Pastoral Thought:

  • Self-made, self-serving faith systems are doomed to fail.
  • The Word of God is the final authority over all other authorities.
  • God’s Word does not CHANGE
  • When Godly leaders fail- we must remember God’s Word is our ultimate hope!



Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you know someone who is “spiritual but not religious”?
  2. Has anyone ever said to you, “God told me to tell you ____.”
  3. What is the “false search for God” in your life?
  4. Do you want the Word of God to serve you or do you want to serve the Word of God?
  5. Who are your friends? Are they serving the Lord?
  6. Why are you following Jesus?
  7. Who are the people who are not following the Gospel that you may be tempted to listen to?



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  • Deep Dive Bible Study: The Book of Romans | Chapter 1 How to find your purpose in the Gospel you’re called to serve https://youtu.be/sfB2IxCJvWY


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